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A C&I Studios Film Series From Miami: I Love You. EPISODE ONE

Love is a playground

Years later, Stella revisits Miami, where her deepest love was formed, only to find that the city still shines with the memories of her lost love life. From Miami: I Love You is a daydream of a past relationship. As Stella ventures down familiar avenues, the silver lining in sad and happy memories come back in force and in them, she sees a life of joy. The love she shared with Bryan remains an everlasting imprint — one that still gleams in the restaurants they laughed in, the park benches they dreamed upon, the streets they frolicked, and the hidden places where they embraced.

written & directed by Joshua Miller

produced by Amy Miller

starring Deana Nuniz

Director’s Note

This is one of my favorite film series. At first, I was just writing about the moments when you think about people from your past — especially past relationships that just didn’t work out. It was February 1st and Valentine’s Day was coming up. I didn’t want to tell the obvious story (I never want to tell the obvious story). I always want to tell the real story… Well, as you may know, most of the time relationships don’t work out, so I decided to write a series that was about the painful moments when you’re back in a city that only reminds you of one person. After we filmed From Miami: I Love You, I wanted to do more films with a similar style and message. The I Love You film series, in a way, became an ode to these beautiful cities; “To the cities that I love. These towns and shops and amazing cities that are laced with pain.” If you have ever been with someone in a town or moved somewhere specifically for someone and didn’t work out, you find yourself telling your friends stuff like, “I hate L.A.,” and “I never want to go back to New York ever again.” That is where this series lives. Different people, different relationships but the same feeling.

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