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From New York

I Love You


Running through these lights. Watching brighter lights turn into magic. You can feel the wind pierce your chest. Look at yourself in the mirror. And watch yourself live, life…

Love and pain hold equal places in our hearts. Often the one is indistinguishable from the other.

From New York, I Love You is a journey from a busy intersection in New York City to the indelible memories of joy, pain, and the mundane everyday moments that our lives–and our relationships–are composed of. The story, written and directed by Joshua Otis Miller, is woven together with the voice of a homeless man offering an insightful and powerful narration over intense and striking visuals.

From New York, I Love You is part of an anthology of short films called To the Cities that I Love, which are each centered in different cities around the world. The thread that unites them is the purity of joy and pain that each episode depicts.

Watch. Enjoy. But always think.



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From New York I Love You

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