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“Impossible is Possible” is the second music video that we wrote, directed, and produced for Black Violin’s new album Take The Stairs.

When brainstorming this music video, we toyed around with a few concepts before writing this script and moving into production. Some of the other concepts are what you’d expect… there were the ideas in a concert hall with Wil, Kev, and a ballerina (overdone), the radical “no-care-in-the-world” concepts that you’d expect from Kanye and Jay-Z, and the uplifting wanderlust ideas of people living their out their best life. But none of these seemed right to us. No, we wanted to tell a real story — something that was genuine, true, and would fully capture the essence Black Violin’s beautiful song.

The chorus, “show the world the impossible is possible” kept ringing in our minds. It stuck with us. It begged the question, what is impossible… what’s possible?

Now, this holds a lot of different meanings to a lot of different people. Naturally, what’s achievable for some and hard to come by for others is decided early on, literally at the time of birth. Yes, the circumstances we are born into can surely dictate what we are capable of achieving. This idea of opportunity is what we gravitated towards and what we chose to articulate in this video.

It’s an important theme and more relevant than ever. As the super rich continue to accumulate wealth and deepen the inequality gap that separates the haves from the have-nots, the opportunities afforded to everyday people will continue to shrink until even the slightest success seems like an impossible feat.

With this in mind, we told the story of a young boy born into poverty, who pursues his dreams despite the odds and excels in life because of the beautiful support network he was blessed with. His mother and father sacrifice everything to provide him with a better life. And what’s important is that he sees their sacrifices and turns this into success, He make the impossible possible; he changes his stars.


Frame Grabs from Impossible is possible

impossible is possible
impossible is possible
impossible is possible
impossible is possible
impossible is possible
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